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Finally - open sea

almost 3 years ago
Written by Ronald Toppe
Life on board > Finally - open sea

Finally - open sea

almost 3 years agoLife on board
Written by Ronald Toppe
Happy smiles!

You do not know for sure if you will become seasick until you have sailed the open sea. The sailors took that test on the first day.

Statsraad Lehmkuhl is now out in the North Sea, between the Netherlands and England. The sails are set, and the fellow sailors got to both climb the rig and pull the ropes.

Out in the North Sea the ship met the ocean for the first time. Foaming waves on top of long slow swells.

That took its toll. Sea sickness is not fun, but a day later everyone was in good shape, according to the ship's doctor on board, Jon Magnus Haga.

All photos: Ingrid Wollberg

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